Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I've been a Dell girl all my adult life so when I came home with a new MacBook and iPad for Trev I surprised even myself. We totally geeked out that night;  side-by-side on the couch with our new toys doing his & her "research". Over the glow of my new keyboard - such a great feature by the way - I could see Trev looking at excavators and me?

Well I was bookmarking sparkly things that made my magpie heart go pitter patter...

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1. I promised myself - and Miss Duckworth - that when the renovation dust settles, I'll be commissioning my very own ADOP original. Not only do I L-O-V-E Adriane's abstracts, but she lets me call her a friend and I can't think of anything cooler than having custom piece from my BFF hanging on my new wall. P.S. my favourite TV series - aside from 'Dexter' - will be using 2 of her painting on their set of... MAD MEN! see here.

2.  this blog is no stranger to {me}longings studio which first debuted in this post; the even better news? For spotting Chanee's sham in the November issue of Better Homes & Gardens, I got to pick the pillow cover of MY choice from her ahhh-mazing Etsy shop. After much agony I finally decided on her Karnataka design. I'm gonna feel so grown up having a handprinted pillow in da house.

3.  I pinned this grouping of stumps awhile ago thinking I could easily replicate their awesomeness with a chainsaw and permission to cut down a poplar(?) or two. You'd think growing up in Northern BC - surrounded by forests & saw mills - I'd know my coniferous trees by now. Heck I was even a short-lived tree planter for awhile ;)

4. Somewhere in between Saige's birth & Gabe's, I lost my beloved SARA necklace {cue pangs of sadness}. Since then my decoutage has been nakey :( I love accessories - pin them all the time - I just don't like them on me which is why I keep my jewelry to a min.i.mum: wedding ring - check, pearl earrings - check, new sideways cross necklace that makes me look oh so Taylor Jacobson - CHECK! I seriously couldn't love my new neck candy more - love it so much I gave my new favourite Etsy seller, Beazuness a spot on my sidebar, right under my other favourite Etsy seller, UrbanWalls... I should probably get ADOP's button up there too.

5. Faux antlers for hooks? heck to the yes.

6. This playful stag head is as good as mine. You're seriously not going to believe the price; like I'll probably get arrested when I place my order cause it's that much of a steal. Being the compulsive shopper that I am, I took a boo at the rest of Red House Supplies and should probably slap their Etsy shop on my sidebar as well - paper straws, washi tape, crackle paint, modge podge... be still my crafting soul.

7. I've been stalking omiyage via all forms of social media for awhile now; they have the cutest packaging for sale and a great selection of decorative tape. Ever since I saw Christine's diy washi tape magnets, I've been itching to DIY my own...

8. where have you been all my life?! this is EXACTLY what I've been dreaming up for our gold inspired living/playroom. Call me crazy, but I'm not a fan of hard surface coffee tables, especially with youngins running around; since we already have a chocolate leather ottoman in the family room, I wanted something a bit different but equally awesome. In walks lovintage finds with their extra large pouff made of... wait for it... removable/washable burlap!! oh my gawd I love burlap.

9. our covered patio is nowhere near completion, but when it is, by golly I'm getting me some of these and I'm getting them from this site... why has no one told me about! I thought we were friends people.

10. amazing right? imagine owning a piece of jewelry stamped with your loved ones handwriting. I saw something similar done with tattoos, but this seems less... painful and has the ability to be handed down from generation to generation.

11. I'm still hooked on the indoor swing idea. It's happening, Trev just doesn't know it yet. 

* if it's not raining tomorrow I promise to show you the progress on our house.

** I may have a few giveaways up my sleeve {maybe even stuff from this post} so don't touch that dial ;)



Amy Walters said...

Eek...yes all of it, I mean ;)
- My friend and I have been wondering where to buy a few strings of beautiful, big bulb string lights. You're a dear for posting about them!
- The hand gold painted pillow has me droolin' a bit - not going to lie.
- And those the cross and the signature pieces. So pretty and precious.

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

I really love that necklace, its lovely. And yey for the macbook! its my favorite ever. I was always a dell girl too and am now a total convert

Sheila @sZinteriors said...

Love the string lights - what's not love, right? Thank you for the link! And I'm a Mad Men die hard, so will be watching for ADOP's fab art in season 6. Very, very cool!

christine, just bella said...

I love all the gold, I seriously want to add it to every room in my house.

You should totally make those magnets! That was one of the easiest projects I've tackled in a while. I just used scrapbook paper but I really love that gold washi tape!

Brianne G said...

new macbook!?!?!? I need to come over so I can drool all over it :)

Adriane /// The A and B Stories said...

Dear Sara,

1. I wish SO badly that we could be real life BFFs.
2. When I win the lotto I'm coming for a visit.
3. You are AWESOME.

farras shop said...
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Mas Dokter said...
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