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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pinky promise I'm still alive. Just making the most of my last few days of freedom - or is it house arrest? - whatever it is, it's coming to an end so we've been keeping busy...
1. Clark Kent made his costume party debut
2. Saige had a MAJOR growth spurt and now we're scrambling to replace her wardrobe
3. Her passport mugshot a la 2010 slays me everytime
4. Waldo was found (terribly hungover *ouch*)
5. Playing dress-up has become part of our daily routine
6. The photo that accidentally inspired Gabe's roadkill costume
7. Someone finally mastered her "G"
8. Someone got pinspired
9. Saturday mornings = skating lessons + Timmy's
10. a pre-school first for the cousins: field trip to the pumpkin patch {on the big yellow school bus I might add}
11. Saige's piggy got replaced with her very own 'savings account' (she ended up depositing $388!!!)
12. Costume thief

and let's not forget our annual frolic in Autumn leaves...

Once I install Lightroom {and learn how to use it} I'll be back with some REAL photos *gasp* and my first of six now 7 back-to-work GIFTaways!!

cue mad fist pump age!


Megan10e said...

*mad fist pumpage*

I miss leaves.

I just can't handle that skunk picture. It's so wrong yet so awesome.

Saige has more money than me.

And that wraps up my thoughts on this post.

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

you will love Lightroom, its so easy to use seriously. Althought i have photoshop 80% of the time I still use lightroom because its super easy and really great to use. let me know if I can help you in any way!

Lin said...

Holy moly, Saige has more cash than I do; in a piggy bank or the bank. So sad that a kiddo's better at saving money than I am :/

Erinn T said...

Oh, I love your photo dumps. Keep them coming lady :)


Casey said...

What a great costume! My school's name is Waldo, and I have always wanted to dress like him for a day at work.

Junda Xu said...
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Mas Dokter said...
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