dear santa [the SAIGE edition].

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What do you get when you have 2 parents, 5 grandparents, 2 great grandparents, 3 uncles, 2 aunts and enough extended family and close friends to fill a Boeing 757? [plus a mom with wee shopping addiction and a birthday 2 weeks post-Christmas?]


As a result we've scaled things waaaay back this holiday season and purchased our Saigerella just ONE gift over $25. Yup Trev-bob and I will be busy Christmas Eve playing with assembling her 'want' present. Here are the 3 other item I would have picked up for Saigers if she wasn't so darn naughty... {I jest} 

non-girly backpack for our non-girly girl - 77kids by american eagle

a play hospital for our playmobil addict/doctor-in-training - playmobil

my childhood favourite  'the jolly postman...' books by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

new red calculus kicks - tiny toms

I'm not sure how we'll ever get away from the 'spoil fest' that is end of December, beginning of January? In the past we've tried hosting the party on her half birthday and we've also tried a "books only" plea, but apparently we hang with people who think rules are meant to be broken. 

This Christmas we strongly hinted to family members that they could offer the kids an experience vs. a gift under the tree. For example loved ones could organize a trip to the aquatic centre or movie theatre or buy tickets for an upcoming hockey game. I know Saige would love a backyard camping date or lesson in horseback riding. The possibilities are endless and they don't even have to cost money. I'm so in love with the idea, that I myself am gifting memories instead of material items to my niece & nephew. Last year we paid for Caleb's skating lessons and I think my sister and brother-in-law really appreciated Cub having one less present to unwrap. 

* A little advice to anybody new to playmobil, set up can take HOURS especially if you're easily distracted by miniature blood pressure cuffs and x-ray machines like me. I'd highly recommend assembling the box of random parts before gifting.

** And if you're unfamiliar with the Jolly Postman books, you must familiarize yourself with them ASAP. They have these cute little envelopes with letters inside that you get to pull out and read - I'm pretty sure that's the very definition of awesome.


Melissa said...

I love the idea of downsizing for Christmas. When we were kids my family always maxed out a credit card for Christmas, yikes! We're determined not to do that with our kids (holy cow I have two kids!). I really liked the four gifts idea that you talked about in Gabe's edition. We'll definitely have to start that up next year! Btw, the little Toms are sooo freakin cute! You have such great ideas about gifting, especially the memory gifts. Love that! Thanks for the good read. ^_~

Sandra Kohlmann said...

1. I love playmobil. I played with it all the time, as a kid, and my girls already have their own collection started. It's so much fun!

2. We also have an abundance of family, who love to over-buy for my daughters. We have two distinct Christmases. One is at my house, with just three gifts: a book, one toy, and jammies, for each of the girls. The second is at my mom's house, where my daughters open dozens of presents, until they are lost under a mountain of toys, boxes, and wrapping paper. It's lots of fun, but I worry that my kids will take their gift receiving for granted.

3. It is a VERY good thing that those Tom's aren't available in my kids' sizes, because I don't think my husband would appreciate two more pairs of toddler footwear coming into our house!

Nicole Lapierre said...

Such a great idea for downsizing on the 'stuff' and giving memories instead! I'm definitely filing that away for when the littles in our family are a bit older!

My girl is a January baby too and it's crazy how grandparents feel they *mus* buy a tangible thing, even when we strongly hint that a contribute to her future education fund instead of buying "stuff" would be much more appreciated.

Kait said...

I love everything on Saige's list! Thanks for the heads up about the playmobile!

We told family that the boys want books or clothing for christmas. We will see how that goes. haha my guess, is not well.

Randalin @ Harvesting Kale said...

OHMYGOD. I totally forgot all about the jolly postman books!!! I loved those books as a kid :)

Megan10e said...

I love the idea of giving experiences as gifts. I would SO prefer that to the tons and tons of presents that my parents buy for my kids. They don't listen when I tell them to stop or scale back. I'M THE ONE WHO HAS TO PICK UP ALL THESE TOYS! said...

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