dear santa [the SARA edition].

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

For someone who didn't want to exchange gifts this holiday season, I sure have a lot of wishes on my wish list.

I'm pretty certain I've consumed more coffee in the last month than I have in my entire life. I've never been much of a hot caffeine fan {or cold for that matter}, but then Tim Horton's had to go and advertise their 'limited time only' promotion for $1 cappuccinos and now I'm a total drive thru junkie, ordering small french vanillas with 1/4 coffee like they be crack. 

I've read enough David Bach books in my day - 'Automatic Millionaire' anyone? - to not get sucked into his latte factor:

'an economics phenomenon whereby many small purchases add up to a significant expenditure overtime.'

so I'm thinking a switch to k-cups is my only financially responsible option. And since I don't know how to make a pot of coffee to save my life, I'm confident a new Keurig machine will not only save me money, but will make me a better host as well.

You may remember my confessions post and/or Facebook plea wanting the 411 on real Uggs within Canada's border without the real-ly insane price tag? Well I recently discovered the answer to my warm feet prayers... MTF came through in a BIG way and the free shipping was just the red nose on my reindeer.

Okay this is more a WRITE than a read, but I've been impatiently waiting for January to come so I can start this new journalling venture of mine. Ever since Becs brought the pinspiration to my attention, I've been raring to go. Clearly me blogging every is NOT going to happen, but writing a little sentence while brushing my teeth before bed seems manageable. I don't normally commit to anything lasting longer than a few months - let alone 1825 days - but I think this little project will be both fun and worthwhile. I like that the journal is small enough to stash in my make-up case so I can take it with us everywhere - camping, Mexico, slumber parties at Gramma & Papa's.

I need another striped shirt like Brangelina needs another orphaned child to adopt, but that didn't stop me from applying my 40% discount [it pays to call customer service every once in awhile] to this horizontally lined number. It's very reminiscent of the Kristen Wiig shirt I've been drooling over since 'Bridesmaids'. Speaking of my unhealthy obsession with stripes, what I wouldn't give to have Deb Morgan's shirt wardrobe from this season of Dexter [see below]. I'd also like a pair of her sweet a$$ aviators. Thanks Santa ;)

 k-cup coffeemaker - keurig elite kub40
warm winter booties - ugg classic short 
one line a day memory book - raincoast 
yet another striped shirt - gap

I think compiling this collage has made me an official creepy mc creeperstin.


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Kerry said...

I have the one line a day journal and I LOVE it! My cousin gave it to me last Christmas, and she got one for herself. So we both started ours on Christmas day last year. I'll admit sometimes I miss a day (or 5), but I always make time to sit down and catch up. Instagram, Facebook and my blog tend to be helpful when I forget what I got up to haha! ;)

Nikki Miller said...

I am huge keurig fan! I totally think Santa needs to help you get your daily caffeine fix.

Amy Walters said...

Your journal resolution is a great one! I love love love it.
And thanks for the MTF tip...I've been really wanting a pair of UGGS, but just not sure I can afford them at the moment. This might be the answer!

christine, just bella said...

I have that journal too! I started it when I was first pregnant with Alice! It's sorta also become the baby book since I dropped the ball on that one - somehow it's easier to write one line then to dig out that big thing! I'm with Kerry, I totally miss days, but it's awesome once you overlap your years and see what you were up to/thinking a year ago.

Also, you can never have too many stripes ;)

Kait said...

I too, love stripes. I got the super kuerig at costco a while ago for Rich, IT IS AMAZING. RUN, don't walk, go get it.

Uggs, I'm still on the fence about them. I have a love to hate them. Mainly because little high schoolers wear them with mini skirts...and im like really girls, WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?!

Cindy Dueck said...

Agree stripes are a must in many colours, lengths, dresses, coats (ok maybe thats my closet ;) My new love is polka dots in everything!!!

I'm also on the fence about Uggs I got fake ones from MTF like 5 years ago and they are still looking good. BUT I don't like to wear them in public ha ha. I invested in Hunters last spring and those have been my go to boots this winter so far. Maybe because of all the rain we get in Abbotsford I thought if I got real Uggs they would get trashed.

Megan10e said...

I have that journal...started it at the beginning of 2012, and totally dropped the ball on it. Apparently it IS too hard for me to write one line a day. Totally bummed, but at least I have four more years to do a better job!

Katrin said...

I love striped shirts. They rock!

Danielle Hardy said...

I need to hear more about this one line journal! I've never heard of such a thing.. but the less work for me, the better :)

I love your wishlist!! Santa better pull through in a big way ;)

Erinn T said...

You look awesome in stripes. Go treat yourself.....and tell the hubby it's ok, because erinn said so.

Lin said...

A Keurig was on my wishlist too. We have one at work & I'm not gonna lie, Ive given some serious thought to stealing it from the break room. Honestly, it'd look way better in my kitchen anyway.

Hope Santa brings you lots & lots of Debra Morgan stripped blouses.

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