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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Anybody out there?

I am. 


Can you believe that I - 'lover of all things free' - didn't even get through my month of giftaways?! I must say the remaining 2 prizes are simply too good not to share so they'll be coming soon...


It seems I've once again underestimated just how difficult {read impossible} balancing it all can be - work, family, friends, home renovations, housework, special interests, online shopping, Pinspiration projects, maintaining an internet presence, blog reading, reading for realz, Dexter watching, etc.

So what have I been doing besides hiding tears at work? (more on that in a sec).

{a} Well someone got a haircut - or should I say buzz cut? - it literally took my breath away and not in a good way. First and last time I ever let Trev take clippers to our boy's head #markmywords.

{b} We also decided to make last year's Halcyon trip (see here) an annual thing and hit to road last weekend with our besties/co-parents for 3 days of relaxing hot springs. No internet, no cell service, no cameras, just cards, crab legs and endless hours of conversation. I secretly cringe when people use the word "blessed" but having Dean and Byron in our lives makes me feel a wee bit __________ (insert B word here); they're seriously that awesome. 

Okay I lied. There was a point and shoot camera on hand and after 15 "Saige look this way, Gabe over here, Trevor smile" we ended up with this... 
 that's about as good as it gets these days.

{c} I transformed my kitchen into a testing facility for Pinterest. There's nothing worse than having a mini-panic attack at 3:00 PM when you realize you have nothing planned for dinner, not even thawing chicken as a jumping off point. As you can imagine, I've been pinning crockpot meals like mad and using the kids as guinea pigs. While some of my food experiments have gone terribly wrong (read NEVER AGAIN), we've also found some new family faves: ** you can find these recipes and more on my Pinterest FOOD board - I've commented on all the ones we've tried so far.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 

1. mulligatawny soup - I cannot say enough about this curry and apple mouth orgasm. I don't even use the heavy cream at the end and it's still to die for.

2. pumpkin molasses cookies - stop everything you're doing and make these. I originally pinned these for Fall, but they're so freakishly delish that I've added their fluffy goodness to my  Christmas baking list as well.

3. mini-chicken pot pies - never in my life had I bought Bisquick until this Betty Crocker gem piqued my attention and taste buds. Super quick, super easy, super tasty.

4. better-than-take-out chicken fried rice - pretty sure sesame oil is the secret weapon and it more than satisfies my chinese food cravings (if only I could replicate those fuchsia sweet and sour pork balls at home). 

miserable #1

{d} Gabe's officially a talking machine and has finally started sleeping through the night #thankgawd. Last weekend he added "spaghettio" to the end of his "uh ohs" and proved he's just as much of a water baby as his big sis. You should have seen him swatting our hands away, acting like he could swim unassisted only to sink to the bottom totally unfazed.

miserable #2

{e} Saige got her preschool report card and it's basically a carbon copy of my own kindergarten progress report - perceptive, natural leader, wild imagination, has no problem standing up for herself or others. I'm pretty sure that all translates into her being bossy, stubborn and far too clever for her own good, but I'll take it {and that pout of hers}.

miserable #3

{f} Trev shaved off his disgusting lip warmer and has morphed back into my sexy 'no pictures please' beast.

{g} Our tree is up and there's not a single present underneath. Surprisingly I'm not the least bit stressed over it. 
Okay so why the tears at work? It has less to do with me missing my own kids and more to do with me being reminded daily hourly that there are children within arms reach of me who'd rather pee their pants than leave the safety of their bedrooms while their mom screams out for help from the other room. It breaks my heart knowing that there are children with starving bellies stealing fruit from classmates lunches to bring home to their equally hungry siblings. That there are children being neglected by addiction, being caught in the crosshairs of mental illness, becoming pregnant and parents themselves perpetuating the seemingly endless cycle of abuse. I'm finding it near impossible to not get choked up when I listen to these stories day in and day out.

Here I go dropping the B word again, but the fact that my children have lists of wants instead of needs means we are just that, blessed.

Maybe work is the reason I'm not losing sleep over our presentless tree. I'm sure we'll end up buying Gabriel a little something, but I doubt it'll be anything extravagant or memorable. Our money can be put to better uses this holiday season - helping.

Anyways things got a bit a lot heavy down here at the end. Maybe I should lighten the mood with a knock knock joke... or better yet a someecard:


Randalin @ Harvesting Kale said...

I have been missing you something FIERCE! I was so happy to open up my computer and see your post staring back at me.

I can understand what you're going through. Working in social service sheds a new light on your own life - which makes me feel both blessed, but also a bit guilty. Guilty for not doing enough. But I know that blurring the line between work and home life can be a dangerous thing. I think you have it even harder - working directly with parents and kids. But you just have to focus on the good parts. The families you help put back together. And when you're having the most rotton of rotton days, just remind yourself that every parent is doing the best they can with what they have.

And then go drink wine.

Kait said...

I have been creeping your blog for daysssssss. And you're finally back. You were missed.

Your tree is beautiful, we haven't even decorated or anything yet.

Ashley said...

I pinned the pumpkin molasses cookies so long ago but never made them. Looks like after the little nugget goes to bed I'm going to be heading to the grocery store for MOlasses. And send your little man down here to come teach my lil man how to talk, k? You and I can hang out in the kitchen and eat cookies in the meantime. :)

del09 said...

My heart warmed at the site of your blog link on FB. It is amazing how a mom can juggle everything... you are doing a wonderful job Sara in and out of the house. You are so right on how blessed we are. Thank you for putting it in the foreground of my brain as we enter the Christmas pressures of keeping up with the Jones. Your blog is inspirational to me on so many levels... can you tell you were missed lol

Hazy Shades of Me said...

You, your grace and your wit have all been sorely missed. The food you've provided, whether consumed, mulled or shared fills the soul. Thank you for the uplifting reality check. <3

christine, just bella said...

I'm so happy there are people like you doing the job you do, I can only imagine how emotional that would be (especially as a mom). Blessed is not cheesy at all :)

I have to admit, I was totally wondering about you, but I figured you were probably busy living real life and stuff. The internet missed you, girlie! Plus, I now totally can relate to that balance thing - it's HARD and I'm only working part time!

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