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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry {belated} Christmas!
sure our season's greeting is a day late and never made it to the printers let alone your mailbox, but that's just how us Knols roll nowadays. Blame Gabe, he's the family scapegoat.

I figure this ol' neglected blog here is kinda like a year round Christmas letter so consider yourself in the official loop. Speaking of 'Saige Wisdom' the blog, I'm hoping to be back before 2013 with some long overdue confessions. Wouldn't want to ring in the new year with an unclean conscience. 

For starters I hid a bunch of Christmas gifts from the kids. As far as Saige & Gabriel are concerned they've opened all the presents under the tree. They don't yet know about the 4 giant boxes playing hide & seek in mom and dad's closet.

Yup my dear ol' dad must have confused our house with an orphanage [or Oprah's mansion] and forwarded the entire Toys R' Us website to our front porch. I wish I was exaggerating and I really wish the 'new wing' was open for business usage. We're drowning in a mountain of toys and Saige's 4th birthday is less than 2 weeks away! translation: more junk toys.



  1. That is the cutest card. I cant even imagine what a mess your house must be with all those toys around, you poor thing. I dont even have kids and my house looks like a freakin' disaster. Good luck when all those new bday toys show up.

  2. um, YES. nobody ever told me I needed to buy a house with extra garages/attics for toy storage once the little people came along. where is all this stuff going to go?!

    1. I know!! families with kids need 2 extra rooms - one for guests and one for the toys.

  3. Haha. Mountain of toys is right.
    It is so overwhelming. Plastic stuff!
    But the gifts come from a kind place indeed.
    Merry Christmas!
    Printed or not, your card is great.
    We are changing traditions and sending out New Years cards.
    Why not!?

  4. Merry Christmas! your idea of a New Years card is sheer brilliance and I'll be so all over it in 2014... so clever are you.

  5. Happy Christmas Knols!! You can just send everyone a link to your blog, done and done!

    I'll always remember Saige's birthday, my little birthday twin! Do any of those gifts come with receipts!? ;)

  6. Best looking family on the west coast for sure! You guys all look great in that card.
    Happy holidays friend. Once you open the new wing, let me know - I have a few things that I could put in storage...

  7. Merry Christmas Sara! My cards didn't make it to the printer either! No guilt. I'm owning it this year. There are more important things! :)


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