keeping a SECRET in 2013.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Today is both a birthday and a blogiversary

Saige Marie turned 4 while Saige Wisdom turns 3

how that happened? I'm not quite sure.

We're also 6 days into the new year and I have yet to publicly declare my resolutions for 2013
and that's because I don't have any.

Say wha??! Several of my favourite bloggesses have signed up for the One Word 365 challenge and while I'm not above follow trends - I'll be jumping on the Downtown Abbey train any day now - I had already decided on Two Words...

The Secret.

I first ENTERTAINED the concept back in 2011
(I strongly encourage you to read this post if you want my whole backstory on it)

EMPLOYED it - on a small scale - in 2012.
(more on that in a sec)

and am now EMBRACING it full force in 2013.

I'm sure there are more than a couple of you out there thinking "has she gone stark raving cuckoo?". I assure you I have not.
don't believe me?

take inventory of ALL the goodies I won throughout the year:

- a leather pouf from The Cross Design & Decor
- a stylized photo session with Lindsay Gee Photography
- a family photo shoot with Wedded Bliss Photography
- two separate $35 credits for 
- a sideways cross necklace from Beazuness (see sidebar for link)
- a mustache necklace off bluebirdkisses 

that's over $2000 worth of free stuff and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I figure if I can use The Secret on things other than winning blog contests, I might be on Amazing Race Canada just yet and/or be spending next New Years Eve in a new lakefront cabin. 

Speaking of cabins. 
All you Instagrammers should check out amarabarra and click on her hashtag #lzcabin... ahh-mazing-ness I tell ya.

And speaking of Instagram.
Since I don't like having photo-less blog posts, here are some recent Knol highlights & snowlights (get it?)
Things are about to get even awesomer around these parts cause this year I'm gonna be all about asking, believing & (fingers crossed) receiving... who's with me?! 

** Seriously I need just one person to watch the movie, get gooseys and sign up to be my Two Word 365 partner in crime. 


Tayllar said...

Happy Birthday Miss Saige! I hope she had a wonderful day! Her and Kevin share the exact same birthday! And dont worry you are not alone I also have no new year resolutions! Last year was great so hey, why change a thing?

Btw, Im so obsessed with your cute instagram pics of the kiddos!

Shane Prather said...

You're not alone, I love The Secret! I truly do believe the teachings of it :)

xo Shane

MSDeyle said...

Good thing you and your fam look so smashingly good in hats since you have to wear them ALL THE TIME. :)

Lin said...

You're not the only one thats not going to have resolutions this year. They're totally overrated if you ask me. Mostly because I never fall through with them & then have them shoved in my face. Blah.

You had a fabulous 2012, look at all those things you won. Fabulous! Hopefully this year will be just as good to you :)

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

Ok you convinced me, I just purchased the book on amazon. Oh, and I think we should do a bloggy team for amazing race canada! we'd have so much fun!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

I've never actually read the book or watched the movie but I'm a big believer in asking for what you want. You've had an incredible year. Hope 2013 brings you more of the same!

Hazy Shades of Me said...

WHERE is your like button? Floating out of wordpress and onto blogspot, I'm like a fish out of water.

Umm. your blog rocks. You are so techy! Your set up is awesome and captivating. So much eye candy!!

II love your 'resolutions' and I'd love to see you on Amazing Race...

dajana, all kinds of lovely said...
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dajana, all kinds of lovely said...

You've won a crapload of stuff, Sara! I totally believe in that (what I call) ooga booga stuff and asking the universe for what you need.

Here's to a kick-arse 2013!

p.s. Not sure why I haven't checked out your blog before. Newest follower. Right here.

Vanessa said...

Hey buddy,
Great post. I am also a great believer it the Secret but have not been implementing it's ways. Thanks for the reminder. Hope your little fam is on the mend!


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