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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Turns out birthing a child in the middle of winter wasn't such a grand plan after all. We're only 4 years in and I'm already over the whole annual event of Saige getting gifts for an entire month. January birthdays are kinda lame; especially for someone like me, who has a Pinterest board full of party ideas and a house too small to host any of them.

We rented a banquet room for Saige's 1st cupcake birthday and then postponed her 2nd birthday until July - opting instead to celebrate her 1/2 birthday with a teddy bear picnic. Saige's 3rd birthday - a painting party - was supposed to be at an art studio, but somehow made it's way into our living room and I almost had a nervous new years' breakdown.

Only when the house and yard are complete will I finally breathe a sigh of party planning relief. In the meantime my almost 4 year old wants a birthday and brrrrrthday she will have...

I found these ahhh-dorable triangle trapper hats [cue the triangle theme] on clearance and used an additional 30% off coupon making these party favours super cheap yet super practical. I think they'll prove useful when it comes time to spot all the party goers bombing down the hill. 

It wouldn't be a sledding party without some apr├Ęs sledding hot chocolate and I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled across these Dollar Tree travel mugs at half price. $0.50 each you say? I'll take... well... all of them [sorry fellow Vernonites].

Thanks to Pinterest I found a triangle'ish design to stand in the place of Ol Saint Nick [gotta love ctrl-shift-4 on Mac] and voila! Two - in my opinion - awesome party favours for less than $5.

I'm notorious for not taking photos at parties or in the case of Gabe's nerdy 1st birthday, notorious for relying on Instagram versus getting around to posting the "real" photos - they're coming (probably sometime in 2013) along with Saige's first field trip, Halloween, etc.


  1. I can't wait to see the photos from this- Instagram or not! It's going to be precious! :(

  2. Perfection! Will you take a vacation to Wisconsin in May, to plan and execute C and V's 3rd birthday? Pretty please?

  3. january birthdays are totally lame. This looks pretty stinkin' awesome though.

  4. You are SO SO good. I LOVE this idea! :)

  5. Those are some seriously awesome favors. I kind of want to come to the party! ;)

    ps. You are amazing and I love it.

  7. Amazing theme - I love it. And how did you find triangle hats that cheap?!? YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF DEALS!

  8. If you see we peaking out from behind the mountain. Im not stalking I promise ;) What a fun party and Silver Star rocks:)

  9. Ok seriously, why can I not live closer to you?! Coolest birthday party idea EVAH.

    AND I loove the toques, where the heck did you get them?! I think I need one, or 10.

  10. I FREAKING LOVE this party idea and what you have going here!! I totally wish I was going! Those hats are awesome and super crafty on the mugs (i totally just pinned that patter!). Awesome loot.

    Now, you'd better post some pictures for us bloggers friends of yours!!

  11. Ahh...mazing. You're a crafy fox!!

    And, Ava's birthday is also in January. Just wait until you're on year 12.... :(( LOL!!


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