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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

yesterday just so happened to be the...
first person to guess why WINS*

*also a hint

"blog gems"

Sunday, July 28, 2013

my girlfriend E does a weekly 'whenever she has time' round up of outstanding blog posts called "blog gems". Since she can't highlight herself - well she could but that might get a bit awkward - I've created my own list of amazing read-worthy reads.


here's E's deliciously honest post along with a few other diamonds in the rough uncovered by yours truly... enjoy.

trying to keep up... and failing.

why do you blog?

creatively living.


be sure to tell me what you think and a BIG thanks to Jen for introducing me to Jason's post via her 'love list' and Ms. Applegate for emailing me Steady Mom's words of wisdom. 


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

oh lawdy look what the cat dragged in...

1. Saige watched a ridiculous amount of Netflix over weekend - I'm talkin' triple quadruple the recommended limit for her age category. The house was hopping with renovation activity, Gabe was being an exceptionally good napper and I sorta forgot she was stowed away in her bedroom with the electronic babysitter (aka the iPad). Since Gabriel has like ZERO interest in television [sad but true] I've decided Saige can borrow his screen time hours; mom problem solved.

2. Up until a few days ago I was crying so much and so often that I stopped wearing eye makeup altogether. What can I say, this roller coaster's emotional. I would like to take this moment to thank my aesthetician and counsellor [neither of whom read my blog] for my incredible blue/black eyelash tint and my weekly TV tray of kleenex.

3. In the Tim Horton's drive-thru this morning I 'paid it forward' as in I bought another car their coffee. I thought this random act of kindness would be fun, but instead I felt like a fugitive criminal: continuously checking my rearview mirror, straining to hear their order [my generosity was capped at $10], whispering my intentions to the "barista" [not sure if they qualify for that title but I'm going with it] and then peeling out of the parking lot so the coffee-goer couldn't catch up to thank me [because that would be just too awkward]. Moral of my story: paying for a stranger's latte is much too much excitement for 9 a.m.

4. Call me a 'glass - or in this case Timmy's cup - is half empty' kinda gal, but I can't help but wonder if the "barista" pocketed my good deed and made the car pay for their order also? Why must I always think the worst of drive-thru attendants? 

5. Since we're currently living like sardines, I have no quiet place to read, think or write once the kids go to bed and Trev gets on the TV. Instead of pouting I've began retreating to our travel trailer parked in the driveway. I call it my 'woman cave' and it's basically awesome. Trev just rolls his eyes when I head out there for a few hours of creative peace - such a good sport he is. I wonder what the neighbours think of my nightly ritual? marital problems? meth lab?

6. Speaking of Trev being a good sport, I dragged him to a 'spiritual advisor' appointment last weekend and that sh*t was crazy. The lady knew far too many things she shouldn't, like about the hazelnut tree we cut down in the far right corner of our backyard [yes she was that specific]. Clearly this quarter life crisis of mine has me looking for answers in the strangest of places, but if apologizing to tree fairies (seriously) is what I need to do then... 
         Dearest Hazel, 
               I'm sorry I chopped you down. 
                                Sincerely, Lumberjack Knol

7. I've barely used my new camera - you know the one I had to have. You see I'm terrified it'll get lost, stolen or broken if I take it out of the house which sorta defeats the whole purpose of owning a nice camera. Further proof that having a therapist is entirely necessary right now.

8. Saige is not the only Netflix addict around here, Trev and I recently started watching "Orange is the New Black" [which isn't true BTW according to my fashion blogger sources] and I think it's confession enough to admit that I'm obsessed with that show. For those unfamiliar, there's an overwhelming amount of nudity, foul language and lesbian sex and yet I'd take it over "Walking Dead" any day of the week. Zombies suck.

                   another shocking confession


On a more serious note, this blog and the people who read it [yes YOU] - have brought so much creativity and friendship into my life, that I'm trying to figure out a way I can monetize it and pay for plane fares. You see I need to meet all y'all (truly I do) and to help me convince Trev of this, I need to find ways to offset the costs associated with attending future blog conferences and/or flying to your hometown for slumber parties and sangrias. Any ideas on how to get rich blogging/writing? or better yet, do any of you have an uncle that's independently wealthy? throw me a message

instagrammies. { part two }

Monday, July 22, 2013

In hindsight I wish I would have broken my Instagrammy nominations into categories: most inspirational, crazy talented, top commenter, too cute for words kids, fave photogs, damn that girl can design, etc. but alas I didn't and truth be told most of these ladies would fit into every category.

as promised here are 8 more Instagrammy nominees:

@andreamful - if I had a nickel for every one of Andrea's followers I'd have a boatload of coins to roll; over $500 worth to be exact. she's like Insta-famous and gawking at her photos it's not hard to see why - I loved her as a bloggess and now as an Insta-sensation.

@collectedblog - Bri is a woman of many talents, I know this because I was stalking this amazing mama long before she was an amazing mama of soon-to-be... THREE! I've had a hardcore crush on her blog {collected} for like ever. I'm telling you there's nothing this girl can't do PLUS she randomly owns a crêpe restaurant in her spare time which is hands down my favourite breakfast food.

@adrianeduckworth [along with her über cool hubby Billy @bwmd and their ahhh-dorable little blonde-haired boy Benjamin]. for the record I was a fan of Mrs. D long before 'Mad Men' started snapping up her artwork. yup Donald Draper got an ADOP original before me, but the trade off is I get to call her my friend [and will be ordering a painting of my own very soon].

@bluebirdkisses - I'm a smitten kitten. I truly wish I was as disciplined as Ana when it comes to blogging, eating healthy and exercising. she's super duper in my books; I mean she married a red head after all and it's a well known fact that only crazy cool cats get hitched to gingers. 

@alittleglassbox - I was first introduced to my girl Courtney via a young house love house crashing [try saying that 3 times fast with crackers in your mouth]. this girl is INSANE in the best way possible. what she's able to whip up while Olly naps is mind blowing and her weight loss journey is UNREAL [and totally inspiring]. prepare to have your mind blown with this one.

@monpetitamour - what can I say Morgan is one of those people you just want to be around [it's a real shame she lives a whole province away]. she is one of Instagram's best commenters and kindest community members. if only she'd neglect her children long enough to update her blog - TOTALLY KIDDING!! - but I do miss reading her posts. P.S. she speaks French #trescool.

@sharstinm - don't you just love when a woman in her 9th month of pregnancy with her 4th child still looks hotter than you on your best day? me too and I'm not being sarcastic this time. I know it sounds crazy, but there's just something about Sharstin and those ridiculously cute kiddos of hers that makes me not want to curl up in a ball and cry when I see she's out running marathons or picking apples from trees while I'm inside kicking it in my sweats. anyone who generates this kind of non-jealous response from me is clearly gifted beyond measure. 

@whitelinengirls - do I really need to justify this nomination? this post says it all. I love having #whitelinenforlife in my Insta-feed, it's like a teaser for their next photog blog post. I also follow Brooke @brookebow & Michele @mishdyson separately - they have daughters the same age as Saige only more girly and less whiny.


so there you have it, eight more Insta-friends to add to your Insta-feed. you're welcome ;)

instagrammies. { part one }

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The blog world is a friendly one and that internet neighbourliness has spilled over into my favourite cyber hangout, Instagram. If this smart phone app was smart they'd host an annual awards show for their photo sharers. A red carpet event that'd rival the Oscars, a line up of talent that would demand paparazzi, after parties and a celebrity host that didn't make me 'Anne Hathaway nauseous' [sorry Le Mis fans]. They'd call it The Instagrammies and put me in charge of nominations:

I'd take my job very seriously; these would be my first EIGHT [which  also happens to be my favourite number and a stood up infinity sign]:

@allkindsoflovely - Dajana is as cool as her name [impossible I know] - Insta's very own fun, foodie fashionista #triplethreat

@caitharper- someone get this girl a blog stat. Caitlin is my 'real life' amiga, as in we actually meet face to face over london fogs and dream up ways to make creativity a career.

@justbellablog - Christine is like my personal cheerleader and source of daily inspiration including the 2012 Insta-yearbook that I totally copied.

@andreahanki - I'm telling you everything this woman touches turns to awesome. Andrea is like crack to me; if you haven't seen her photography, get out from under that rock and go check her out, seriously.

@sarahmycc - Sarah is on a whole other level. dollars to donuts [or for my Canadian readers toonies to timbits] you've seen this mama on Pinterest, her pins are everywhere - I'm like famous by association.

@amarabarra - this lady is incredible and that's not a word I throw around lightly. need more convincing? check out her hashtag lzcabin - a storage container turned weekend getaway?! amazing. Lawny is quite possibly the best bargain hunter in all the land and definitely worthy of this nomination.

@cindyconfettisparkle - Cindy got the world by the horns - good genes, kind heart, some crazy cute little blonde-haired kids, a lovely home and one successful online party shop. I can't wait to meet her in real life and perhaps absorb some of her awesomeness.

@hardydanielle - I bet you a pair of Toms stitchouts that you know at least one person with an Urbanwalls' wall - Danielle's vinyl decals are hotter than the Okanagan sun #32celsiusandclimbing and I can't decide what I love more, her Instagram feed or blog? I think it's a tie and I'll definitely be stalking both [by the hour] as she nears her due date with bebe #3. 


who would make it onto your Instagrammy list? please don't feel obligated to say me @saigewisdom [although I may give a prize to the first person to say so... kidding... or am I?]

stay tuned for my next 8 nominations coming to a post near you* 

*probably tomorrow or even later on today.

ultimate AYA party kitchen.

Monday, July 15, 2013

guess what's happening in Toronto this September?
and guess who wants to go [really badly]?
        ME -------->
unfortunately my farm girl kitchen entry from last year didn't quite make the cut 
but I've been honing my mood board making skills on the off chance AYA Kitchens & Baths would give me a chance at redemption
and guess what?

this year's design challenge had me creating the Ultimate Party Kitchen and nothing screams "KEG STANDS!" like a distillery inspired kitchen, wouldn't you agree? 
Imagine yourself - sporting this tee - comfortably seated [D] around this large clay coloured AYA island [C] with a 'beer pong approved' butcher block counter [E]. Notice how you can keep track of your drink and/or drinking game tally on that industrial paper roll hanging off the exposed brick? And for your visual pleasure the anthracite-hued AYA cabinets [A] are a perfect match to the Kendall Charcoal painted walls. Tell me, who doesn't love a grey washed hardwood underfoot? The carefully selected industrial lighting and copper hardware play nicely with the subway tile backsplash and timeless marble countertops. And just because you're drinking wine from a box doesn't mean you ain't sophisticated; take that Michelle Morelan original [B] for example, ever so classy. These surfaces were made to get spilled on - begging for it - so let's loosen the ties, kick off the heels and get the Mumford & Sons a pumping!

Bottoms Up Berry Lemonade for Bloggers*
1. muddle blueberries in a shaker
2. add absolut berri acai vodka, some fresh lime juice, simple syrup & ice cubes
3. shake and strain into a glass
4. top with chilled champagne and garnish with this straw from Confetti & Sparkle 
5. elegantly chug sip
* recipe found here


if you want to help make my T-dot dreams a reality maybe let AYA and BlogPodium know in the comment section below that I, Sara the party animal Knol, am their gal. I promise I'll try to get Sarah Richardson to do something c-c-c-crazy if I attend. Once upon a time I convinced Ben Affleck to serenade me with "Leaving on a Jet Plane" and Mr. Lord of the Dance Flatley may or may not have taught me the bicycle jump. Speaking of party animals, those Irish dancers are wiLd ;)

lucky number 7.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Proof that not all blind dates end badly. I still remember the day Trev dropped to one knee with a Peoples' box in his pocket. We'd only been dating for a year and were still babies (21 & 24) so his proposal caught my tear ducts completely off guard. 

I'm thankful I didn't have Pinterest back in those 2006 wedding planning days [or my current obsession with photography]. We actually found our wedding photographer via a grocery store bulletin board #truestory. For $600 he arrived in a decorated minivan with 2 cameras strapped around neck: one with colour film and the other B&W. I still get goosebumps looking back at photos from that day.

Our day.

I love his love.
my gentle man, the gentleman

* I jokingly asked Trev where my anniversary present was this morning and he pointed to the kids. oh how things have changed, rugrats in lieu of diamonds and I'm still smiling.

** I had some super sexy bridesmaid dresses made for the July 8th occasion, you can check 'em out here.

meet the matriarchs.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

who says you need a baby belly or marriage proposal or really expensive lingerie to pencil in a professional photo shoot? this session was an idea turned dream that now - thanks to White Linen Photography - has became a reality.

4 generations | one frame 
{and no one is wearing a white dress or veil}. 

we made a girls' weekend out of our Mother's Day photo shoot and I'm beyond thrilled with the aftermath. I gotta say I'm most proud of my Gram for having that blouse in her closet [she's such a stylish little thing] and the fact that I did my very own make-up application [shocking for anyone who knows how challenged I am when it comes to using beauty products]. 

are the leading ladies in my life not ridiculously beautiful?

as you know I've been stalking following Brooke & Michele for-like-evs [aka 2009 thanks to Miss Andrea] and - in fact I think 'we do pretty' should be their new tagline. along with pretty they also do: hair, hilariousness and stellar posing lessons. if there's one thing I love it's photogs who  give direction; I mean who cares if the background looks awesome if there's a distracting double chin front and centre? so the HUGEST thanks goes to my White Linen heroines for making us matriarchs look and feel our very best.

I can't wait get these babies on our nakey new walls. 

see our whole session here...

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