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Monday, August 12, 2013

looks like someone didn't do her homework. 

if you recall I was gonna fill you in on the final chapter of my "did I just quit my job?" journey but instead I watched 10 episodes of 'House of Cards' and nursed the worst wine hangover in the history of Sara.

there's a reason I don't consume alcohol all that regularly and Saturday was evidence of this. instead of taking in all the Island sights as planned, Trev & I made our way to the Victoria Airport a whole 6 hours early and watched Kevin Spacey screw over the White House while I threw back at least 1/2 dozen vitamin waters.

on the bright side the Island was almost as beautiful as the wedding we attended... check out this chuppah (I hope I said that right?). Jessie & Dan are truly 2 of the most amazing people - maybe if I play my cards right I'll be reincarnated as a grandchild to their future children. 

in true Amazing Race reject fashion, Trev and I flew into Vancouver on Thursday afternoon, hopped on a skytrain to Bridgeport Station, caught the 620 bus to Tsawwassen, shared a disgusting plate of poutine aboard the ferry, rode the #72 bus to Sidney, transferred onto the #83 and proceeded to pick up our itty rental car before driving the remaining 50 minutes to Cowichan Bay. Mr. Knol and I don't do cabs and almost didn't do jets when Trev realized he didn't have ID to board the plane!! loooong story. always is.

anyways when we finally arrived we felt like we were transported to a small fishing village off the coast of P.E.I. we spent a good chunk of our vacation talking to locals about the merits of living on boats. for non-boat/mainland people this lifestyle is extremely fascinating. one lady told us she bought a boat for $2000, put another 2-G's into renovating it and now she and her 3 children live afloat year round for a mere $360/month in moorage fees. can you imagine living in cramped quarters with THREE little ones? she's a better woman than I.
so yes we had a wonderful time (minus the throwing up); it was a nice distraction to the fact that I'm now unemployed. I continue to have mini-panic attacks about this fact throughout the day, but I'm hoping they'll subside as success replaces insecurity.

the fact that so many of you are embarking on your own personals journeys - pursuing your own happiness - is making me unbelievably giddy. thank you for sharing your stories with me, for sharing this process with me and for sharing nuggets of wisdom like this with me...

Whatever you hold in your mind will tend to occur in your life.
If you continue to believe as you have always believed, you will continue to act as you have always acted.
If you continue to act as you have always acted, you will continue to get what you have always gotten.
If you want different results in your life or your work, all you have to do is change your mind.
- Anonymous

drunk Sara vs. hungover Sara 
(neither is pretty)


Offer KINDNESS. Choose GENEROSITY. Give LOVE! said...

YOu look great both ways.
But I can almost feel your headache in the second photo. OUCH!
Great photos, thanks for sharing.
Hope your head feels better and you are enjoying being a QUITTAH!!! Yahoo!

Erinn T said...

Oh sweetheart - Those last pictures made me laugh! I have been on the right hand side of things far too often so I feel your pain and well, your left hand side, the drunk sara, is MUCH prettier than my drunk erinn anyday. Trust Me. My picture would involve some sort of table with me dancing smack dab right on top of it and I may or may not have clothing on. So you're already prettier in that very first step, because naked-table-dancing-erinn is a sight NOBODY needs to see [other than my husband - he has no choice ;)]


Barbara Matson said...

Oh, I love you! Glad you had a fun weekend! And something will come your way. I am a firm believer that something good is around the corner. Our family has had our shares of unexpected events and I would be a basket case now if I didn't believe in that! (OK, I am still a bit of a basket case - at least that is what my teenagers tell me, but I think that they had lost their minds when they hit 14, so I don't fully believe them!)

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