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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On the recommendation of a friend with the same name, I picked up Brené Brown's latest book, "Daring Greatly" and started reading it on the plane.

Sarah & Sara
I quickly learned - as tears pooled involuntarily - that it's not the sorta book I can read in public; especially sitting in the aisle seat of a jam packed airplane just a few months after an ego-reducing emotional breakdown of my own.

Do I wish I found this book 3 months ago? Absolutely. It talks about everything I had to learn on my own (the hard way) back in June. Namely, embracing vulnerability. I'm only 5 chapters in but a few things have already stood out:

"letting go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth."

I cannot even begin to count the number of times per day I drop the "I'm so busy" bomb - in emails, phone calls, blog posts, random conversations... people are sick of hearing it just as I'm sick of saying it.  I woke up this morning thinking, "Sara you have NO time to blog" but look at me go. 

"to put our art, our writing, our photography, our ideas out into the world with no assurance of acceptance or appreciation - that's vulnerability."

When I hit 'publish' on my quarter life crisis post I never expected the response I got. To be accepted but also congratulated for being vulnerable and honest, how wonderfully bizarre. I didn't tell a lot of people this, but when I entered the AyA Kitchen & Bath BlogPodium Bound contest for the second time I told myself (and Britt from Gallery No. 8), "if I win, I'll take it as a sign that I need to make a serious career change". We all know how the story goes, but actually flying to Toronto and meeting other people who - on a daily basis - put their art, writing, photography, ideas on display was like chicken soup for my soul. I got them, they got me and for 4 days I didn't feel like I had to justify, defend or be self-conscious about my online presence or passion to create.
Emma, Sara, Christine

"I am enough."

Something I tell myself everyday in hopes of one day actually believing it.

Needless to say, I'm a big fan of Brené's book so far. While sitting on the plane with my thoughts and tears, I realized that living my dream is synonymous with living my values (family, friends, creativity, fun).

Just recently I was asked to write two eulogies: one on how I want to be remembered and one on how I will be remembered. I haven't actually done the exercise (it's a bit morbid), but I did get the message and it's become one of my newest goal... to live a life worth remembering.

okay I'm off to celebrate Gabriel's 2nd b-day :D
*** halle-freaking-lujah my kid turned TWO ***
it's SUCH an accomplishment that Trev & I managed to keep him alive (and ourselves somewhat sane) for last 730 days... sure did just use a calculator ;)
lurve to you all.

BlogPodium recap coming soon {ish}

I can't handle B-words.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

just thought I'd pop in and let you know that I'm alive (for now) and excitedly organizing my trip to BlogPodium next week. *pinch me*

I still can't believe that after 3 years of stalking and convincing my favourite bloggesses to take pity on me and become my cyber-friend I finally get to meet them for realz. 

Adriane, SARAH, ana, Randalin, JEN, emily (and all the rest)... 
I'm coming for ya!!

last September I was at BLEND 2012 meeting my west coast crew along with Mr. Tommy Smythe and this year I'm jet-setting to Toronto to meet up with my east coast girls and... drink tea with Sarah Richardson!! 

I seriously hate the word blessed - it's right up there blogger - but I'm not sure there's another word to describe how amazing I'm feeling right now: overjoyed, elated, sleep deprived, high? whatever it is I'll take another round.

(put it on my tab universe).
* the complaints department has received a couple emails in regards to the absence of my Instagram roll... I'm one of those annoying 'grammers that tries to be different by posting non-square pics and they were getting cut off (and looking ugly) on my sidebar soooo you can click on the camera looking icon up top under the photo of Saige & I or click HERE #problemsolved. I also sometimes post shenanigans on my Facebook page from time to time so throw me a LIKE if you're in the liking mood (I'll feel oh so blessed).

back-to-school makeover (and a yard sale).

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

you know what I do when I'm super duper busy and can't even think straight? I pile more sh*t on my metaphorical plate. I know you do too so let's commiserate and procrastinate together.

apparently renovating a house and quitting my job wasn't stressful enough so I've also taken on the task of juggling 2 kids, 2 daycares, 2 blogs, 2 facebook/twitter/pinterest accounts, 3 email addresses, a new career, a distance ed course, a small business program, Trev's bookkeeping, a website design and a SaigeWisdom overhaul.

over the years I've tried - rather unsuccessfully - to hire different blog designers to update my "look", but I'm crazy crazy indecisive and end up setting them free long before any discussion on fonts can take place.

I was actually considering graphic/web design school before the wedding planning gig fell into my appreciative lap. I have SO many ideas, but no clue on how to execute them outside powerpoint and/or picmonkey. 

anyways Brittany from Gallery No. Eight accidentally responded to my blog design plea and the fact that I actually made it to install day with no tears and an intact computer is a testament to her patience and perseverance.

THANK YOU Miss Douglas! although I'm sure I've made you reconsider your
and will be switching "let's talk!" with "go away!"

she - being this blog - is still a work in progress (my menu bar links to no woman's land), but I think she's purdy and BlogPodium ready.

Like many o' bloggesses have said before me, September always feels like a new beginning (blame it on the 18 years I spent in school). This year feels especially fresh as I'm beyond excited - and borderline exhausted - by all the newness happening around here. Trev & I even hopped on a pair of waterskis this long weekend #firsttimers and I double dog dared Uncle Bobo he couldn't flip me off the tube (my 30 year old body was regretting all the smack talk the morning after as I drowned my aches and agony with 3 parts Bailey's : 1 part coffee).

that's what you call a "yard sale"

* I wrote this post in under 20 minutes which is a new record for me and also the reason it reads like Saige wrote it. mucho sorry.

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