Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I should really be retyping the 25 page business plan that magically went missing off my MacBook but there are a few confessions I need to get off my chest first...

1. I purchased a box of Pirate cookies today, ate an entire row (or in Oprah's words "sleeve') and then stashed them in a non-food cupboard for "safe keeping". If you're not familiar with these discs of peanut butter goodness, good on ya cause I'm full on addicted. In my defence Shoppers Drug Mart was practically giving them away at $1.99/box and I was beyond starving. No one told me that starting my own business would result in some serious lbs being lost. Nervous anxiety doubles as an appetite suppressant, who knew?

2. I'm pretty certain we own more laundry baskets than the average 4 person household. At last count we had 9 and I'm embarrassed to say that all nine are stacked in my living room, brimming with clean clothes, waiting to be put away (going on 3 weeks now). I'm also embarrassed to say that the only reason it's all folded is because my mom and mom-in-law take pity on me when they come to the house to baby-sit.

3. So I'm at the library the other day and couldn't believe my luck when I happened upon this...
I know I'm a horrible human being for posting this on social media, but it was too good not to share. If you're seeing this Richard Simmons Jr. just know that my friends and I appreciate your dedication to staying fit. Ladies I'm thinking he may be single.

4. Apparently I give the impression that Trev and I have the perfect relationship. When a friend told me this the other day I almost peed from laughing so hard. Note to self: do a better job at describing married life with Mr. Knol. Once upon a time it did come easy but then we created 2 headstrong children, took on 1 massive renovation and decided to have 2 small businesses under one roof. The only thing holding us together some days is make up sex and a sense of humour. With that being said, I certainly wasn't laughing when he told me to "shut the f*ck up" last week over a failed bathroom fan install #truestory  (I think it's mildly funny now). Neither of us have time for divorce or want to share the kids over Christmas so we make it work. Sure I joke, but next time you think Trev-bob and I have our sh*t together think back to Coco Bongo 2011 *cue the shudder*

The prelude to our epic Mexican marital spat and a name that now belongs in the Trev & Sar hall-of-shame. Let's just say we went to the nightclub with good hair and good intentions, but somehow our 'VIP access' got lost in translation and we ended up leaving the building in one of those "it's not so funny now, but maybe we'll laugh about it later" sort of ways. A poor Spanish señor selling roses on the sidewalk got caught in our crossfire - maybe not our best moment under the sun, but at least it was memorable.

5. I've been so self-absorbed lately that I didn't even know about the devastation in the Philippines; well up until Facebook asked if I wanted to donate to the relief efforts that is. And I'm supposed to be raising the next generation?! Shame on me. Double shame on my local radio station for allowing me to be all caught up on the 'Rob Ford' scandal and Kelly Clarkson's pregnancy, but out to lunch on a fatal typhoon. I'm not a news anchor or anything but I'm pretty sure a natural disaster should trump a knocked up American Idol any day of the week, just sayin'.

Okay enough procrastination for one night Sara. How about you get on that business blog; have it up and running before brides start dropping like flies. I promise I'm super duper organized in my profesh life... anyone wanna vouch for me? please.

Oh and I'm linking up with my hot mess sister from the South...


  1. Oh my word- the laundry basket thing made me laugh! we have at least 6 floating around the house but they're never used for laundry because they all have crap stored in them!

  2. Love this. There nothing like shared imperfection to make us laugh. We are all the same.

    ps. I've piles of laundry that doesn't get folded or put away either and our epic marital spat involved me throwing shrimps across a room. (not my proudest moment) ;)

  3. I am so glad I'm not the only one who lets laundry sit and whose mother takes pity. My Mom keeps buying my daughter clothes because she thinks we don't...she doesn't know they are all just sitting in the dryer...for weeks. And you seriously crack me up. I wish I lived in BC and could get married all over again just so you could plan it!

  4. YES. NEVER have I loved a nickname more than "hot mess sister from the south." I'm not kidding. We ARE meeting. SOON.

    Also, I'm now considering starting my own business to help me lose some pounds.

  5. Dude, turn that dial to the CBC.


fire at will.

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