Saturday, November 30, 2013

There's much to be excited about these days and statement shirts are definitely one of them. I'm usually on time for things, but if I wasn't, you better believe I'd be all over this Dajana find and if I was more of a cat person I'd be owning the "you've gotta be kitten me right meow" tee for shizzle. 

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is fine but wearing your philosophy on your boobs? that's fashionista material.

ONE. one of the few French phrases I know by heart along with puis je aller aux toilettes s'il vous plait. have you seen the whistle & flute mommy & me sweatshirts? you'll die. Trev would kill me (as in torment me to death) if I tried being twinsies with the kidsies (although I may have nabbed Saige and I a pair of matching "heart & soul" shirts from Old Navy... I'm sorry but $8 for a cute sweatshirt is simply too reasonable to pass up).

TWO. I need to have this screen printed on a t-shirt A-SAP. Sarah gets full credit for finding this diamond in the rough quote. if you don't follow her on Pinterest, go join me and 7000+ screaming fans.

THREE. this shirt is as good as mine. you'll never guess the shop name... check it.

FOUR. I've been secretly stowing away purchases for Gabriel's constellation bedroom and I'm thinking this Pixel Paper Hearts print needs to become a shirt also. I mean the only thing better than a statement tee is a statement tee that's Canadian made and has stars on it. Me and "yellow" go way back.

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  1. How awesome are you!! My love for your kindness runs so deep, xx.


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