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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I like to think I'm 'the boss' when it comes to getting decisions made - quick and painless is the name of the game - but when purchasing items not on sale or making BIG renovation decisions, I suffer from momentary indecisiveness. The thought of picking paint colours for Casa Knol is causing me great anxiety, so I'm sharing the burden with you.

Keeping our existing furniture, already bought flooring and my desire to paint the doors charcoal or black in mind, I narrowed our main floor colour options down to 5. This wall hue will continue into the existing house so it's a BIG decision, hence your involvement.

Here are my pints of PARA Paint up close and personal (next to our choice flooring)...
HELP me choose!

1.  Pina Colada (P5242-24)
2.  Soaker Tub (P5223-24)
3.  Fan Light Grey (P2103-04)
4.  Comfortable Chinos (P5223-34)
5.  Winter Saint Sauveur (P2727-04)
So what's your pick gang? Instagram has already weighed in with a definite front runner.

5 years of Santa snuggles.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

With free shipping and free returns, there's little reason to brave the malls anymore, except in December when the Village Green Shopping Centre magically transforms into Santa's hangout. It wouldn't be Christmas without a cuddle from the big guy, so off we went...

5 years of sitting on the same lap... where has the time gone?!
A clock radio is top on Saige's wish list (random) and Gabe is asking for a fire truck (of course he wants a noise maker on wheels).

What is Santa bringing you and your littles? I'm not asking for much, just a finished house and a pretty office space ;)

Wishing you ALL a very Merry Christmas! and thanks for putting up with my crazy the last 365 days, mwah!

be back in three.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I have an unhealthy infatuation with social media. At last count I had 4 email accounts, 3 Facebook accounts, 2 Pinterest accounts, 2 Twitter accounts, 1 Instagram account and soon-to-be 3 blogs to update as I've started contributing over at The Refinery Magazine #dreamgig and TOP KNOT Events' blog 'knotty on top' is getting some scripting done by the very talented Brenny of Paperfelt and should be up soon(ish). 

Needless to say I've been hardcore cheating on Trev with my iPhone and I'm looking forward to being wifi-less for the next 3 days. This will be the third year the Knol family and the Zakoski family head to Halcyon Hot Springs for some pre-holiday relaxation and I think that makes it an official Christmas tradition, no?

The only downside to having no Internet connection for 72 hours, is no Netflix. Trev and I found a new Showtime series to obsess over, "Weeds". Is Mary-Louise Parker not ahh-dorable? I seriously can't get enough of that opening theme song either, "little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky..." (Malvina Reynolds was ahead of her time in '62).

told you SHE was talented. 

I insist you check out the clearance PAPERFELT Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day cards. At $2.67 a pop you can't go wrong.

Be back soon!

in my prime.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

3 days,
5300 square feet,
10 gallons of primer,
1 exhausted red head.

Here it is, my first official post as the 7th member of the Para Blog Crew.  

After 72 weeks of digging, pouring, framing, wiring, plumbing, drywalling... Casa Knol is double the size and thirsty for primer... or more specifically the Premium Latex Primer (5799) from PARA Paints.

I kicked off my painting party (for one) in the master bedroom before tackling the new main floor living space. On Thursday Saige and I spent the better part of our afternoon conquering my favourite "room", the attic and then my dad dropped by on the weekend to help "cut in" while I rolled the entire basement #phew. The only naked walls left in the house include our master bath and stairwell. Now I just need to get over my fear of heights and tint the en-suite primer - we're going with a deep charcoal - and then we'll be in the business of picking paint colours.  

*For the record I quickly traded in my hand roller for one of those extender pole doodads.
**Also I hate strongly dislike painting ceilings, just thought you should know.

I'm SO in love with the living space that opens onto our backyard. It looks so much bigger now - and brighter - thanks to it's new coat of PARA primer, yup just one coat provided all that coverage. I never realized how much I needed light until the back of our house was closed off for an entire winter (2012/13) and I felt like a depressed mushroom. The new 4-pane slider is making me insanely happy and I foresee a lot of laying in sunbeams in my future.

*please ignore our atrocious yard situation - it's on our summer project list, I promise. 

I went into Windsor Plywood - our Vernon PARA Paints dealer (a whopping 3 minute drive from my house) - and I couldn't tell who was more excited about my contest "win", Carey the PARA guy or me.

He hooked me up with some quality painting supplies and gave me some really good advice which I'll impart onto you in a monthly feature we'll call...

Now onto the fun but 'not-so-easy' task of picking paint colours, be prepared for some audience participation ;)
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