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Sunday, January 27, 2013

New favourite word? "frack". Pretty much sums up my life these days. I don't like to brag, but I'm pretty much a gold medalist when it comes to biting off more than I can chew. Last night as I lay in bed listening to my boys snore - yup Gabe's still in our bedroom - I did a mental calculation of all our projects on the go and it increased the pattering of my heart tenfold. 

We gots a renovation to complete (and finance and decorate), a vacation to pack for, a 30th birthday to plan, a ski hill to master, a nanny to hire, a business to run, a job to run from, a summer to organize, friends to juggle, family to visit, adventures to take, hobbies to pursue, Pinterest boards to execute, emails to return and blog posts to write.

Fortunately I was able to cross Saige's 4th birthday party off the ol' list, finally. Postponing her big day was the best non-plan ever. The weather was absolutely be.a.utiful and just like her mama, she's been blessed with some seriously amazing - and amazingly cute - friends. Of course I took like zero photos, but this is what turning 4 looked like in our house... a royal breakfast, batman bowling and hurling oneself down a really steep, really fast sledding hill....

I'm going to leave the mommy-loves-you-this-much birthday letter to my better, cooler blogger friends. I was born with broken tear ducts and the births of my own children have only exacerbated the problem. Once upon a time, our lawyer told us that wills in and of themselves provide little comfort to grieving loved ones and recommended that we also write good-bye letters in the event of our deaths. That's the cruelest most brutal homework assignment EVER; one that I failed, miserably. I made it as far as Dear Saige before breaking into uncontrollable sobs. #frackme

In a non-emotional nutshell, Saige is everything I never knew I wanted. She's my anti-dress wearing, superhero loving, I do what I want wonder that's cuddly and brave and the prettiest little thing that insists on being called "handsome". I recently stumbled across this post on my Saigerella transitioning into her 'big girl' bed and it still rings true today... 3 years later. 

"I know I joke sometimes about Saige being sassy and stubborn and too smart for her own good, but when she reads my 2010 2013 blog years from now, I want to be on record saying that I love absolutely everything about my little lady and wouldn't change a thing about her. She's perfect for me, pouty lips and all".

And she continues to be quite the little character. Example:

take 500.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Can you believe this is my 500th post?!

I can't.
And I can't believe I'm sharing this footage we gathered for our Amazing Race Canada video application. I seriously have no shame and NO idea how we're gonna to transform 30 minutes of us being ridiculous into 3 minutes of us being awesome


Trev thinks we should just submit this bad boy (emphasis on the BAD) and call 'er good...

I'm thinking not.

Anyone else cringe at the sound of their actual voice or the sight of their crazy facial expressions?

Those poor people who have to interact with me daily.



Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pouting comes easy when you have 2 sick kiddos wanting 1 sick mom (and a husband who conveniently forgot to charge his cell phone on the longest of work days). I was starting to feel a wee bit sorry for my puke covered self as I frantically emailed birthday cancellations on the eve of Saige's party, but then the barfing subsided and the cuddles came with a little less whining and I stumbled across this gem:

{careful it's contagious}

keeping a SECRET in 2013.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Today is both a birthday and a blogiversary

Saige Marie turned 4 while Saige Wisdom turns 3

how that happened? I'm not quite sure.

We're also 6 days into the new year and I have yet to publicly declare my resolutions for 2013
and that's because I don't have any.

Say wha??! Several of my favourite bloggesses have signed up for the One Word 365 challenge and while I'm not above follow trends - I'll be jumping on the Downtown Abbey train any day now - I had already decided on Two Words...

The Secret.

I first ENTERTAINED the concept back in 2011
(I strongly encourage you to read this post if you want my whole backstory on it)

EMPLOYED it - on a small scale - in 2012.
(more on that in a sec)

and am now EMBRACING it full force in 2013.

I'm sure there are more than a couple of you out there thinking "has she gone stark raving cuckoo?". I assure you I have not.
don't believe me?

take inventory of ALL the goodies I won throughout the year:

- a leather pouf from The Cross Design & Decor
- a stylized photo session with Lindsay Gee Photography
- a family photo shoot with Wedded Bliss Photography
- two separate $35 credits for 
- a sideways cross necklace from Beazuness (see sidebar for link)
- a mustache necklace off bluebirdkisses 

that's over $2000 worth of free stuff and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I figure if I can use The Secret on things other than winning blog contests, I might be on Amazing Race Canada just yet and/or be spending next New Years Eve in a new lakefront cabin. 

Speaking of cabins. 
All you Instagrammers should check out amarabarra and click on her hashtag #lzcabin... ahh-mazing-ness I tell ya.

And speaking of Instagram.
Since I don't like having photo-less blog posts, here are some recent Knol highlights & snowlights (get it?)
Things are about to get even awesomer around these parts cause this year I'm gonna be all about asking, believing & (fingers crossed) receiving... who's with me?! 

** Seriously I need just one person to watch the movie, get gooseys and sign up to be my Two Word 365 partner in crime. 

tubes and triangles and trapper hats... oh my!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Turns out birthing a child in the middle of winter wasn't such a grand plan after all. We're only 4 years in and I'm already over the whole annual event of Saige getting gifts for an entire month. January birthdays are kinda lame; especially for someone like me, who has a Pinterest board full of party ideas and a house too small to host any of them.

We rented a banquet room for Saige's 1st cupcake birthday and then postponed her 2nd birthday until July - opting instead to celebrate her 1/2 birthday with a teddy bear picnic. Saige's 3rd birthday - a painting party - was supposed to be at an art studio, but somehow made it's way into our living room and I almost had a nervous new years' breakdown.

Only when the house and yard are complete will I finally breathe a sigh of party planning relief. In the meantime my almost 4 year old wants a birthday and brrrrrthday she will have...

I found these ahhh-dorable triangle trapper hats [cue the triangle theme] on clearance and used an additional 30% off coupon making these party favours super cheap yet super practical. I think they'll prove useful when it comes time to spot all the party goers bombing down the hill. 

It wouldn't be a sledding party without some après sledding hot chocolate and I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled across these Dollar Tree travel mugs at half price. $0.50 each you say? I'll take... well... all of them [sorry fellow Vernonites].

Thanks to Pinterest I found a triangle'ish design to stand in the place of Ol Saint Nick [gotta love ctrl-shift-4 on Mac] and voila! Two - in my opinion - awesome party favours for less than $5.

I'm notorious for not taking photos at parties or in the case of Gabe's nerdy 1st birthday, notorious for relying on Instagram versus getting around to posting the "real" photos - they're coming (probably sometime in 2013) along with Saige's first field trip, Halloween, etc.

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