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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hard to believe I've only lost 2 followers during this extended blogging hiatus. Even for an over-sharer like myself there's really nothing exciting or eventful to post unless you want to read about me wasting my entire Saturday afternoon baking a double batch of cranberry-banana Pinterest muffins that tasted like a$$ {not that I know what that tastes like}. In the recipe's defence I tried to health-ify the ingredient list by making some whole wheat flour, greek yogurt and coconut oil substitutions;  insert Pretty Woman* quote, "big mistake, HUGE".

* for the record I know every line from that movie #sadbuttrue

I think I mentioned awhile ago that I hopped on the Kardashian train just as Kimmy was having unprotected sex with Kanye. I'm the type of person who - unless you've got no business being knocked up (as in child protective services has your other 5 children and you have a $100/day crack addiction) - gets pretty excited for a woman sporting a bump.

Aside from my uber lazy 'I think I'm gonna hurl' 1st trimesters, I l-o-v-e-d being pregnant. The transformation went well beyond the physical, not only did it alter my waistline (and bra size), but my spirit, my purpose, my self-confidence... for 9 months (x 2) I felt beautiful and stopped hating every single curve on my body. Even when the scale settled on the 200 lbs mark #holla, my growing baby and changing body brought me incredible bliss. Nobody ever called me fat or made fun of my - in hindsight - embarrassing Facebook bump-dates. I felt celebrated.
me {and Gabe} | photo credit: milk & honey

I wonder if the middle Kardashian sister can say the same? I doubt it. Hollywood forgets that not all us look like we ate a basketball for breakfast when preggers. Some of us gain poundage in other areas. I haven't followed any of the stories pertaining to Kim and her baby weight, but I was saddened to see an entire rack of magazines dedicated to unflattering photos and painful headlines about her baby body. 

Why does this entertain us?
Is this not just bullying on a larger scale?
Do we honestly believe that fame & fortune repels the sting of cruelty?

I don't know about you, but I think she's gorgeous and while she may want to reconsider some of her wardrobe choices, I'm celebrating her, 
                her curves 
                          and her billionaire bebe to be...

co-parenting complications.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Those who know Trevor know that my husband is a pretty laid back guy; it's one of the many reasons our marriage remains intact. I gotta say Paula Abdul had it right when she penned the 'opposites attract' lyrics although I'm not quite sure she was the songwriter behind that 80's hit.
Anyways it's always entertaining when 'go with the flow' Trev puts his foot down on parenting decisions that are typically left to me; especially ones concerning our kids' appearance.

Right now he's taking a stand on hair and shirts {totally random I know}...

NO cutting Saige's hair  &  NO popping Gabe's collars.
Those are my instructions, but he forgets I'm not all that great at following directions.

Obviously Trev's not the primary brusher of rat's nests in the morning and clearly he has NO fashion sense when it comes to toddlers (or himself).

I tend to dress Gabe in clothes I wish Trev would wear himself, but I doubt I'll be seeing Mr. Knol in a pair of crimson skinnies and boat shoes anytime soon. 

Seeing how we're on the topic of White Linen (always), I'm finally gonna meet the ladies behind the lavender logo! #dreamcometrue. I cannot wait to share images from the sentimental photo shoot we have planned this weekend. Brooke and Michele just happen to shoot Nikon which may have influenced my D7000 Mama's Day purchase - along with it's awesome reviews, stellar price tag and your helpful recommendations. I'm already SO happy with her (my new camera that is), she's just waiting on a name and an official test drive.

another unedited evening.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In the spirit of fairness, Gabe skipped his 7 o'clock {ish} bedtime to join Saige and I on another camera-in-hand evening stroll

He's certainly not the easiest muse to practice on, but he may be one of the cutest.

After 30 minutes of playing around, my brand spanking new batteries d.i.e.d!! and I was this close [picture my thumb and pointer almost touching] to throwing my piece of sh*t camera in the garbage.

I ranted and raved to Trev [for the umpteenth time] and he figures it's time I get new camera *cue fist pumps*. I've been holding off on upgrading namely because I wanted to prove to myself that I understood manual mode and could consistently nail shots before going and investing money in new equipment. Well I'm over that fantasy; the Pentax battery problem is freaking frustrating that it won't survive any more failed 'photo shoots'. Not only does the bloody thing die right before and/or in the middle of important moments (ie. Saige's Christmas pageant and Gabe's first steps), but I've spent wasted literally hundreds of dollars on every single battery type known to man {rechargeable and non}. I don't even bother taking it with us anymore on fun outings/events, it's truly that unreliable.

My advice, never ever buy a Pentax K-x [unless you want to buy mine - hardy-har] and now that I'm in the market for a new camera, I would love recommendations...

which brand [Nikon vs. Canon]? and which lens(es)?

Oh and just so we're clear, I'm a hobbyist photographer {even that's a stretch} and I'm not a millionaire so my budget is approximately $2000 {inclusive}.

While I'm not opposed to buying used, I require a battery pack option as I hope to never see another double A in my life.

Let the hunt begin!

picture imperfect.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I recently took a spin through the SaigeWisdom archives and realized I don't take nearly enough photos anymore. In previous posts I've named Instagram and lack of time as the 'fall guys', but truth be told, it has less to do with the annoying battery life issues of my Pentax K-x and more to do with my self confidence.

Back in the day when it was just my mom and a handful of others reading my blog, I had absolutely no reservations about posting massive quantities of unedited, overexposed, smile-for-the-camera shots of Saige [except she never smiled or looked at the camera for that matter].

Once I learned that a few of my favourite photogs knew I existed and were even known to stop by my blog, insecurity and embarrassment set in. I stopped posting non-iPhone pics and made up a million and one excuses as to why I hadn't shared those photos from Gabriel's nerd party or our 2012 Halloween. Most of my reason involve me having no time as well as no idea how to edit. Sure I've collected countless of e-books on Lightroom and Photoshop, but who has time to learn tips & tricks with a PVR full of shows to watch? Also my camera sucks a$$ - I go through batteries like Lindsay Lohan goes through rehab facilities #seriously [apparently it's a well known K-x problem that I obviously didn't know about in 2010 when I bought the stupid thing]. 

Anyways, tonight Saige and I went for a little walk and I decided - after reading this pin - to bring along my unloved DSLR. I'm posting these photos unedited otherwise there's a 98% probability that our evening stroll would never had made it on the blog.

Saige learned to climb trees and I learned to let go...

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