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Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't fool yourself into thinking that every one of your guests needs a seat at the ceremony. 

Renting chairs can get costly - this coming from someone who has an inventory of rental chairs and benches; $4-12 per chair (depending on style) can quickly translates into hundreds of dollars when multiplied by your 'impossible to pare down' guest list. I'm not saying you should force your Grammy or Uncle Joe with the bad knee to stand; I'm just saying, if your ceremony is relatively short (under 30 minutes), why not set out a few rows of reserved seating and have the rest stand? 

I'm willing to bet that any parent with small children, any woman in a short skirt or any man in a cumbersome suit jacket would appreciate the extra freedom that standing allows. 

Your back and bank account will thank you PLUS I think it looks super duper cool in photos. Just see for yourself:

source: once wed

source: ruffled

Also the whole 'guests circling the I do's' is intimately genius in my planning opinion.

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