Friday, February 21, 2014

Kicking it old skool tonight and bringing a favourite back... OBSESSIONS! The SaigeWisdom series where I hold you captive and over share my online window shopping finds and fun Pinterest projects (ones that I'll likely never complete in this lifetime), enjoy.

1. because he has nothing better to do, I've asked Trev-bob to build me the kids one of these forts. Thinking of throwing a crib mattress inside and calling it Gabe's big boy bed until I come up with something better.

2. I'm having a serious love affair with all things viking, any psychotherapists out there willing to decipher the deeper meaning behind this braid & fur affliction? P.S. - if you're looking through Laura's sold items you may find a special non-Viking doll I commissioned for a friend's bebe semi-recently, can't handle the Roving Ovine ca-uteness.

3. thank you Instagram for introducing me to MODbyMel. I mean who doesn't love an Etsy shop with a sense of humour? I likey this $7 print mucho much, but it's her greeting cards that slay me (especially the Pinterest birthday one, so classic). 

4. remember when I used to buy every new baby in my life JJ Cole Everywhere Blankets? (google it) well that's over now cause MINIMOC have entered the scene. Just forty dolla, the cutest eva, Canadian-made, crazy fast shipping... need I go on? oh and this just in: mompreneur Amanda makes the toe area nice & roomy so big foots like Gabe can fit in them longer!   

5. Arrow & Lace Designs is officially open for biz-nass and I officially want these sparkle headbands for Miss Saiger's forehead. BIG congrats to Laura on her uber successful launch! verrrrrry impressive.

6. Speaking of Saigerella, have you ever seen a t-shirt more perfectly suited for our anti-girl? Now I'm just waiting on Geo Fox Apparel to advertise a discount code or free shipping promo before nabbing one for sassy mc sasserton (you know me and my aversion to paying full price). 

So I stayed up waaaay past my bedtime compiling this list of obsessions, I'm going to pay for it tomorrow, hope it was worth it.

I see a white door and I want it painted black.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Progress on project #casaknol took a little January hiatus mostly because I was late getting my paint order in pre-holidays and then birthdays, bridal shows and full on chaos happened. 

I wasn't feeling all that at peace with the entire house being in various stages of completion, but then my dear ol' dad swooped in and helped Winter Saint Sauveur the walls while my dear ol' husband laid the much anticipated floors.

I really didn't think I was going to pick such a light colour for the walls, but after priming everything white - and having you weigh in - I kinda fell in love with how airy & bright the house felt.

I've been pinning black doors for almost a year now and am still smitten with the look so the hunt for the perfect shade of black PARA paint is on. I sorta (don't tell Trev) want to spray paint the hardware brass and sorta (don't tell Trev) want to do something crazy and unexpected inside the closets like a pop of colour or a hand painted pattern or maybe some Urban Walls decals. We've allocated one of the closets to be our "home office" so I want it needs to be functional yet fun. 

Did I tell you Trev-bob nixed my indoor swing idea? not cool.
We've moved our painting party into the "old" part of the house which means bu-bye Tadpole Green walls and hello PARA! 

Have you been following #ProjectChris? I die. Mr. Maze has definitely given me the kick in the pants I needed to git 'er done and our new 'Yellowstone Bison' courtesy of anewall is also helping in the motivation department. Can't wait to get him hung and give him a name.
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