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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photog extraordinaire Sue Bryce posted one of these Kid Snippets videos on Twitter/Facebook the other day and now I'm full on hooked.

I mean adults acting out kids' make believe? cinematic genius! Bet you can't watch just one.

You can find the whole playlist HERE. Love 'em all.

Also don't you think it's incredible how accessible "celebrities" are via social media? Sue and I are practically besties now ;)

I paint in pajamas.

Monday, March 24, 2014

I sometimes forget that not everyone is on Instagram (although you should be) and often neglect to post pictures on any other social medium. I didn't have any place I needed to be this weekend (other than in my pj's #heaven) so I took full advantage and painted my heart out for 2 full days with 'Sex and the City' in the background.

I knew I wanted the interior doors bathed in black, but I wasn't 100% on which shade to go with. This is why I love PARA baby cans so much (also known as quarts), they provide me with approx. 100 sq ft of coverage while satisfying my incessant need to sample everything before committing. 
R-L: molten (P5205-85D), weathervane (P2139-03), walkin' in the rain (P5204-85), jo jo whitewash (PF-17)

After a week of walking by the test door and considering all your much appreciated feedback, I finally decided on...

Rolling out black paint was a tad anxiety inducing, but I'm SO happy with the sexy end result. As you can see Trev nixed my brass hardware idea citing that every house he's demolished in the last 2 years has had brass doorknobs (had I known that I would have asked him to save them for me ;)

Tax season has shone a big ugly spotlight on just how disorganized our filing system is. Actually I'm not sure we can call stuffing receipts into Ziplock freezer bags a "system" #sadbuttrue. Getting our home office up and running has become uber imperative. I'm not business major, but two companies operating under one roof with sporadic accounting practices does not sound like a recipe for success. So for now Mr. Top Knot (hehe) and I are going to have to share the office-in-a-closet until my work space in the new laundry room gets sorted (don't you love when unintentional puns happens?).

I feel like closets are a great place to add colours that I wouldn't necessarily do a whole room in, but love all the same. I paired our anewall mural #swoon with HEART THROB (P5165-24) and it's become the kinda space I wanna sort mail in. For the record this vinyl wallpaper was the easiest thing Trev & I have ever installed and I'm already eyeing up their watercolour striped option (surprise, surprise).

The inside of the closet doors and trim are painted in a pearl JO JO WHITEWASH (PF-17). I'm not confident this is the right shade of white or sheen for the rest of Casa Knol's trim, but it definitely helped brightened up the closets. Right now we're just sourcing a piece of glass/plexi for a desktop and coming up with DIY bookshelf/filing cabinet legs. Part 2 will be coming soon (hopefully).

The 2014 Para Blog Crew is organizing a fun little Spring Fever challenge:

I'm not certain what my project will be, but I'm thinking it'll involve my new favourite colour... emerald. I'm really digging:

However I may go the ROCK CLIMBING (P5109-85) route as it's the perfect match to my Pinspiration pic:
You likey?

Speaking of challenges have you seen East Coast Creative's "Creating with the Stars" contest? Me neither until my pal Court from A Little Glass Box got nominated! say whaaa?! I've never seen such killer DIY's in my entire life, seriously you'll die. Fingers cross our girl advances to the next round or at the very least moves to Canada to become my neighbour and business partner.


my honey-do list

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The painting party continues at Casa Knol but without any trim or furniture in the rooms they all kinda look the same... stark. I'll spare you the photos, but not my MAIN FLOOR to-do list:

- Paint and replace ALL the trim in the house so the profile is cohesive throughout. We've chosen JoJo Whitewash from PARA's Colour Forecast Palette...

main bathroom inspiration
- Repaint main bath including vanity (paint colour TBD)

- Repaint kitchen in charcoal (paint colour TBD) + refinish/stain the table in our breakfast nook.

- Select paint colours for master bath, walk-in closet and second hall closet.

- Paint our kijiji faux fireplace a matte black (paint colour TBD).

- Paint all the interior doors (see pic below).

- Paint our office-in-a-closet (see mood board below).

- Stain the new stairs leading down to basement.

- Attempt to paint a giant canvas for art.

- Replace the door on the linen closet and jazz up the interior.

Ew that's a really long list and I haven't even gotten to the upstairs, attic, basement or backyard yet. Here's what I'm thinking for our home office that's being tucked away in the closet beside the stairs:

I found a pair of [1] cage lamps on clearance before Christmas and think a fresh coat of paint will transform them into a super fun lighting option. Para Paints [2] Heart Throb (P5165-24) happens to be a perfect match to our new 5x6 foot 'clouded mural' [4] wallpaper from anewall and I recently picked up a [5] used filing cabinet that I may or may not makeover (leaning towards "not" as I like the grey). One of our [6] lucite chairs will act as seating and I have a couple quotes coming back for a [7] custom neon sign - I want either "lucky us" or "4ever" (for our happy little foursome), but I'm certain the neon light will be pricey (fingers crossed I'm wrong). Fortunately using a [8] long mirror as a dry erase board/post-it note holder will be more budget-friendly as will [3] recovering business books in ombre paper. I initially thought a plexiglass tabletop would look cool, but I'm having second thoughts... I'll keep you posted on what we decide and if we actually stick to the plan.

You should have seen my dad's face when he saw my "Operation Black Door" testing area, disapproval written all over it. I'm a rebel daughter cause I'm 100% going for it, just trying to decide which shade of black to roll out?

TOP LEFT: Para Paints Weathervane (P2139-03)
TOP RIGHT: Para Paints Molten (P5205-85D)
BOTTOM RIGHT: Para Paints Walkin' In The Rain (P5204-85)

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