Saturday, April 26, 2014

It's been all quiet on the blog front, so I thought I'd come back with a clean slate...

1.  I recently signed up for a Target red card (5% off purchases holla!) and am much too busy lazy to change the preassigned pin; therefore I keep the password taped to the card in my wallet. I'm pretty certain this makes me the dumbest just-turned-31-year-old on the planet and that I'll be on the radar of every pick pocketer in Vernon.

2.  The other day we went grocery shopping as a family (always a fun experience) and my wonderful husband thought it'd be funny to fart in the aisle and then make a quick exit leaving me in the cracker section with a bunch of disgusted shoppers thinking I did it!! I could have killed him. I believe that's grounds for divorce no? Right alongside leaving the toilet seat up late at night.

3.  I'm not a big drinker (shocking I know), but for awhile there I was hitting the wild cherry whiskey from Highwood Distillers pretty hard. Our liquor store stopped carrying it almost 5 months ago - wtf? - so I took matters in my own hands and emailed the distillery personally last week to ask if I could order a case (or twelve) for myself. Just impatiently waiting on their reply.

4.  Yesterday on the radio there was an ad for and Saige says to me, "hey mom that's where you work!". What can I say? people in Vernon get rid of the BEST stuff for super cheap (ex. I picked up a brand new Norco bike for Saige - only fifty dolla) and when the clutter around here gets to be too much, I simply go on a kijiji selling spree. I just can't be bothered to arrange pick up times, so I leave the stuff on the front porch and the buyers leave the $$ in our mailbox. Gotta love the honour system; I've yet to be burned.

5.  Gabriel has been using the word "f*ck" a lot... and in context. It's horrifying yet hilarious, it's horrifyingly hilarious. I wish I could blame it solely on Trev, but who are we kidding?

Speaking of f*ck... I teamed up with my mucho awesome amiga Charisse from Pixel Paper Hearts to create a custom, limited edition statement tee...
Inspired by my potty mouth and this kushandwizdom quote, we've sourced the softest, most flattering unisex tee so that your RAD ASS self can wear it loud and proud (or gift it to your significant other and steal it later). 

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Spring Fever Challenge

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trev's carpentry know-how is my kryptonite. 

I'd never tell him this of course, but his DIY skills are far superior to my own; so much so, that the idea of tackling a project without him often paralyzes me. Trust me when I say my inner feminist is none to pleased about this factoid.

When the Para Blog Crew decided to host a Spring Fever Challenge, I was determined to do something independent of my better looking half.

Insert 2nd closet. Once upon a time (circa 2012) Jen from Rambling Renovators added some horizontal pizazz to her broom closet and I fell head over heels. It's no secret that I'm like the BIGGEST fan of stripes and incorporating them somewhere in #casaknol was an absolute must. Initially I envisioned thick, bold, evenly spaced black lines to adorn the inside of our new coat closet, but with the Spring'ish theme and the precise tape measuring that those stripes would require, I did some rethinking... hmmm (picture me being all pensive-like).
After much deliberation (a whopping 30 seconds in the Windsor Plywood parking lot with my fan deck), I decided on these PARA PAINT COLOURS:
    Jo Jo Whitewash (PF-17) - wall + trim
    Walkin' in the Rain (P5204-85) - single stripe
    Machu Picchu (P5167-73) - main stripes

I didn't start working on my Spring Fever Challenge project until Saturday afternoon so needless to say there was NO way is h-e-double hockey sticks I was going to let my base coat of Jo Jo Whitewash "cure" for the recommended 3 days. I seriously started FrogTaping stripes 2 hours after my paint application and I'm happy to report that impatience/procrastination didn't bite me in my a$$ this time.
How did I settle on Machu Picchu for the stripe colour? Easy.
The colour inspiration came from my other not so secret addiction... NETFLIX #truestory
Trev-bob and I just recently started watching "Suits" (oh my gawd SO freaking good) and the law office of Pearson Hardman features a similar hued accent wall that looks mucho ahh-mazing.

I cut some vinyl chalkboard paper I had kicking around into the shape of a "house", borrowed an idea from Sarah M Style by turning a cabinet handle into a chalk holder, taped up some old family photos and mini-prints and voila! coat closet is finito (however we will be swapping the painted doweling for a piece of steel pipe this next week). 
I'm pretty proud of my Para Paints 'no skeletons in here, just stripes' coat closet. The fact I did the majority* of it all by myself has resulted in some serious chest puffing. Please check out my fellow crew members' Spring Fever projects and be sure to link up your own (I promise it's waaaay more fun than cleaning).

* I guess now's a good time for me to come clean... I may have solicited Handy Manny (aka Trev-bob's) help with the ClosetMaid shelving, cutting the laminate flooring and installing the trim. With that being said, I swear on my iPhone's life that I painted and shopped for every single thing in this post.

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